Saturday, May 26, 2007

Will GDfB's Cabinet be awarding, yet more, legal indemnities for the Underhill Enquiry?

Waldorf and I have heard on the grapevine that another £10,000, of Council Taxpayers money, is set to be awarded to some of those who are being investigated by Price Waterhouse Coopers Underhill enquiry.

The papers for the meeting are not yet public but we have learned of their contents. The report is due to go to the 18 June 2007 Cabinet in the name of the Leader of the Council, King Michael Whitney Freer. Statler choked on his bourbon biscuit when hearing that the report states that the solicitors for one, or more, of those under investigation argues:
However, we now need to respond to extracts from the proposed provisional views of the Auditor which have a direct bearing on our clients and which could be critical to decisions reached by the Auditor on the objections.
If our GDfB bureaucratic source is correct, this report will now be agreed in private by the Cabinet at their 'secret' private meeting on 4 June and rubber stamped at their public meeting on 18 June.

Waldorf and I understand there is a furious split in the Cabinet about awarding, yet more, money in legal indemnities. However you can rest assured that any objectors won't be raising their concerns in public.

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