Thursday, May 31, 2007

Barnet's favourite weblog is in the news again

Statler and I just received a message on parchment from a nice man on horseback. He came to bring news that we have, again, attracted the attention of the Barnet Times.

They most kindly published a little note that we dispatched to them where we said we'd only be prepared to consider disclosing the names of some of our correspondents if they did the same in their 'Between the Lines' column. They surely wouldn't want to appear to practice hypocrisy? They replied,

"Hypocrisy and double standards, in Between the Lines? What do you think we are here for guys?"
Funnily, Statler and I thought they were either for the fast living, binge drinking and large salaries or there to sell houses, cars and advertise jobs - with a bit of news wrapped around the outside to disguise it. I guess we were wrong.

Statler is very exited about the new all female Big Brother. He has taken a bit of a shine to one of the old scrubbers on there. There may be a domestic over who gets the remote control when Deal or No Deal starts...

1 comment:

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