Sunday, May 13, 2007

Farewell Mike, Arise Sir Michael

Waldorf and I don't like abbreviations. We'll take Hertfordshire over Herts and Middlesex over Middx any day.

Lynne Truss is a hero of ours.

Imagine our delight that our old chum, from days of old, Mike Freestone, is now signing off notices as Michael Freestone.

We both feel that Michael suits much better with his new role as Director (and higher pay grade).


  1. Couldn't have a highly paid Director called 'Mike', could ya? lol

  2. I think you will find there is a l in hecking; to make it heckling. Not sure hecking is a word.

    Concerned of Barnet

    P.S. Not sure your 'hero' Lynne Truss would be impressed!

  3. Ok. We have made it Heckling - just for you!

    With fuzzy hugs,

    Fax: 0870 432 0835

    Old duffers chatting about
    The Government Department for Barnet