Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Have Council Officers been instructed to 'snoop' on this blog?

Statler and I have been forwarded the following email (we have removed the Officer's name out of courtesy in case this is someone's idea of a joke):
Date: 29-May-2007 14:21
Subject: FW: Domain Names

Can you tell me how I find the organisation behind a domain name if it is registered by a company providing registration services?

Corporate Governance Directorate
Is it a spoof? We can report that no Officer or Councillor from GDfB has been in formal contact about any of our published posts. And yet public funds and resources, it would appear, are being used to investigate a website placed firmly in the 'political sphere'.

We have asked one of our correspondents to make a comprehensive Freedom of Information Act request.

What happened to Freedom of Speech in Barnet? Seems the Council isn't content with just CCTV in it's 1984 vision of society.

Back to watch the Telly.

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