Wednesday, May 9, 2007

UPDATE - Leo Boland on sick leave. Leo is back... but...

Update: Statler and I are confused. We are heartily warmed to have reported to us that 'Leo Boland is back in the building'. It is good to see he has recovered enough to return to work. However it would seem that Mr Brian Reynolds is still running things as the DPR handing his powers over doesn't seem to have been reversed.

Anyway, back to Fern and Phillip. Tea and toast are getting cold.

We have been passed on the elusive news that the Government Department for Barnet's Chief Executive has signed himself off of work and handed all of his powers to his deputy, Mr Brian Reynolds.

How will the Department run in his absence?!

The report opens,
This report confirms the appointment of Brian Reynolds, the Deputy Chief Executive, as Acting Chief Executive and Acting Head of Paid Service during the Chief Executive’s absence due to ill health...
and continues
Being currently on sick leave and with the doctors unable to confirm the date of my return, I have concluded that it would be appropriate, in good governance terms, to make this delegation explicit and unambiguous for the reasons given above and that Brian Reynolds should also assume the responsibilities of Acting Head of Paid Service.
At the time of posting, Councillors contacted by had not heard of the news as no internal communicated.

We wish Mr Boland a speedy recovery.

Link to DPR

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