Sunday, May 27, 2007

STOP PRESS: Councillor Robert Rams retires

Edit 27/5: Well not quite, no by-election yet, but it seems from the comments below that Councillor Robert Rams has hung up his keyboard at the ripe young age of 27. A moment's silence will be held for the blog at 11am. Read his retirement statement here.

Original post: Waldorf and I posted a comment on Councillor Robert Rams' blog a couple of weeks ago. We commented on how he hadn't posted anything about his Ward in many months.

That comment has yet to appear. Either:

a) We've been censored
b) Councillor Rams has been distracted and isn't checking his blog


  1. Statler & Waldorf,

    Thanks for looking at the website.

    Sadly I blog no more.


  2. Dear Councillor Robert Rams,

    Statler and I are most upset to see that you have 'retired' at such an early age from your weblogging.

    Where will the people of East Barnet be without your 'strong voice' on the internet.

    Will Joanna Tamborides be taking up the mantle or your boss, Terry Burton? Only time will tell, we guess.