Sunday, May 27, 2007

UPDATE: GDfB Conservative Councillor gives up the thumbs up!

UPDATE: Statler and I are startled and somewhat upset. A telegram was rushed down our path bearing bad news. We are fearful that Edgware Ward Councillor Richard Weider has been gagged! Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

We can report that the post we detailed below on Richard Weider's weblog has vanished; it's passed on; the post is no more; it has ceased to be; it's expired and gone to meet it's maker!

All that remains is our report of it below. Who can tell us what caused Councillor Weider to take this drastic action. A prize of a glass of sherry to the first one to email or fax us.

ORIGINAL 26/05/07 16:51: Enlightened and articulate Edgware Ward Councillor, Richard Weider, has written a nice blog posting welcoming our humble little blog. You can read it here.

For those too lazy to click, he says:
"The blog takes a humorous and satirical look at politics in Barnet. While it may not be everyone's favourite website, I believe it is good that it is able to bring politicians in Barnet to account by letting the public know what is going on, even if we politicians do not always like these negative stories getting out."
Well said! Statler and I are charging our glasses of sherry.

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  1. Let's have some anonymous comments about what has happened to poor old Councillor Weider.
    With fuzzy hugs,

    Fax: 0870 432 0835

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