Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still no reply from Councillor Lynne Hillan

UPDATE: Another two weeks have passed and we have not had a reply from Councillor Lynne Hillan nor from her secretary. No carrier pigeon, telegram or Morse code transmission has been received. Waldorf and I have contacted the Guinness Book of Records to check what the current record is.

ORIGINAL POST: Waldorf and I are upset. We know that Councillor Lynne Hillan must be awfully busy. However it would be nice to have a reply to an email we sent to her over 1 week ago.

Not on really when you're paid a big wheelbarrow of money, is it? We don't get paid for this.


  1. What's hecking? You can't be that much of a fan 'eats, shoots and leaves' if you can't spell!

  2. ROFL. F*cking knobs. Get your act together. I thought old people could spell.

  3. Maybe she hasn't even read your question. She is probably far too busy to look at trivial things like alternative websites.

    I am sure our worthy councillor is performong her civic duties in her usual excellent and informed manner whilst caring for her family
    in similar vein.

  4. Or maybe she is too busy counting her thousands and thousands of pounds in expenses to get off her arse and use her free Council Tax paid laptop and free Council Tax paid internet and free Council Tax paid mobile phone to reply!

    She's probably also too busy to drive the 10-15 minutes from her Finchley home to find out where her voters live.

    Concerned of Barnet