Monday, October 20, 2008

Absolute nincompoops

We can't believe it. Waldorf and I are risking our Ovaltine going cold to post this. Whilst viewing Don't call me Dave's latest article we found a link to this site.

Now we have accused the GDfB of being a bit wobbly. But employing Dr Bunsen and Beaker - ARE THEY CRAZY?

We are sure to leave our balcony whenever those two crazy fools come on the stage and we have berated Kermit constantly to not let them in.

Now they are advising Barnet.... Oh dear!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Credit crunch brings us back

With some sense of sadness, Statler and I have been forced to return from our 18 month cruise prematurely. Unfortunately our financial advisors, working under our policy, seem to have invested in some cheap bank shares.

Northern Rock wasn't the way to go. At least they weren't that bloody stupid to deposit large sums in Icelandic banks!

With some sense of embarrassment, we were frogmarched from our breakfast 10 days ago. Apparently our credit card was bouncing. We were outrageously put into one of the emergency dinghys and pushed off into the ocean.

Wet and weary we are now back in Britain.

In our absence it seems some young whippersnappers have had the audacity to trespass on our weblogging activity in Barnet and all sorts have been happening. As a welcome back we have recorded a little video for you below.