Friday, May 4, 2007

Disabled camera shop owner fights parking fine

Katie Davies, from the Ham&High, reports on a story of a disabled shop owner being put through the mill by the bureaucracy at the GDfB over, what apparently, is a parking ticket issued in error. Read about it here.

What Waldorf and I were very offended by was the harsh and uncaring attitude from the flibbertigibbet GDfB bureaucrats. It is stated that the warden has admitted the ticket was a mistake. So, is the response from the bureaucrats an apology and a bunch of flowers sent to her home address? No. They wouldn't even comment, only asking for sympathy (!?), by eeking out,
"There have been people taking too many sickies and long lunch breaks some vacancies in administrative positions within the service."
Mean whilst, from what the disabled Lady says and is reported, she is put through the full machinery of waiting and having to fight just to get some semblance of justice.

Why is there no one who can just step in and cut the GDfB's losses and save this woman having to go to the papers?

Come on Councillors. Earn your £15,000. Take charge.

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