Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Barnet does Ken Livingstone's bidding

Statler and I have been impressed at the coup pulled off by GDfB's bureaucrats. From right under the nose of a Conservative Council, GDfB's Planning Boss Mr Stewart Murray, has in place so many of his old boss (Ken Livingstone's) policies that Barnet is now Ken's favourite planning borough.

Statler and I received a glossy document from a correspondent. It is from Mr Ken Livingstone, Labour's Mayor of London and can be viewed electronically here. Mr 'Red' Ken Livingstone goes through the, mainly, Conservative Councils in outer London looking for examples of those who are doing as they are told. There are only a few but Barnet is one of them. He uses Barnet's enthusiastic adoption of his policies to urge other Councils to do his bidding.

Mr Livingstone heaps lavish praise on Barnet's planning policies. Barnet get's star treatment and first mention!
"Barnet: a growth borough

2.49 Barnet is one of the fastest growing Outer London boroughs. The Council has decided to do exactly what it is told in exchange for a big fat government grant accept the reality of long-term growth"
The furious row going on, behind closed doors, about the soon to come 'Gridlock Barnet' has sneaked in to the document though.
"(Barnet) has reservations about the capacity of the transport system to accommodate the projected levels of growth"
That seems to put things a bit mildy! However Mr Livingstone needn't worry too much about this as it is only the Councillors who have these concerns. As long as his chum, Mr Murray and his other Directors are on board all will be fine. In fact Mr Murray's deputy, Councillor Melvin Cohen, was heard at a recent Cabinet meeting boasting how proud he was that Ken Livingstone supported his new policy.

Statler and I do wonder quite how long Brian Coleman can stay part of a Cabinet that is so slavishly toeing Red Ken's line. Must be incredibly embarrassing for him. Being attacked for being a Ken Livingstone toady wouldn't help his re-election campaign!

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