Saturday, May 5, 2007

We stand corrected!

Statler and I received a telegram this afternoon. This unfortunately disturbed our afternoon nap.

One of our loyal correspondents informed us that a statement we made in a recent posting was inaccurate. We are told that at least two Barnet Councillors do make efforts to ramble on about a load of random nonsense account to electorate on their activities, contrary to our assertion, via an electronic interweb blogger weblog. These are Robert Rams and Richard Wieder.

So we have made some them space, on the right. Any other Councillors who take the trouble to tell their voters what they do for their £15k +, please email in and we'll include them on the list.

Off to watch the snooker and have a cup of tea. Ta ta for now.

Update: Councillor Duncan Macdonut's blog has been added. Thanks for the morse code message folks!

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