Monday, March 23, 2009

Mozzeltov! and the gun is fired for the battle of Edgware

Word reaches Statler and I, that erstwhile friend of this blog, former Councillor Richard Weider, has landed in Tel Aviv with his wife (pictured left) to start his new life as an Israeli citizen. His Council webpage has had his personal details removed and a 'For Sale' sign is up outside his house.

We have been told Michael Whitney Freer is holding an undated letter from Mr Wieder for him to submit as a time best suited to him.

We wish them both a happy future.

The campaign in Edgware Ward is well underway. Sources close to the campaign of a popular independent candidate tell us that it has been planned for several months and much of the literature is written and funding in place. Her identity is still secret, which we shall respect for now.

It looks like the current parties may have a big fight on their hands based on what Statler and I have been forwarded. As none of the political parties have any organisation in the Ward, and the Conservative Party don't have an agent - will an independent have a chance of knocking down an impressive looking majority?

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