Monday, March 9, 2009

OGL's cunning ruse over 50% Councillor pay rises

Statler and I were watching "The World at War" on BBC2. What an excellent series, we feel sure that Olivier chap who narrates over the images has a good career ahead of him.

Rudely interrupted in our viewing we received this Barnet Times news article. Unfortunately the reporting is a bit sloppy as always.

The headline suggests that OGL, Councillor Michael Whitney Freer, has forgone the increase in his pay that he voted himself this year. He continues defend his actions in whipping his Councillors to vote for the increases at the Council meeting. It seems to us that Councillor Freer, and Mayor Twanky, have cooked up a cunning ruse.

Had "Freer 'n' Twanky" (TM) voted against the increase that money would be lost to Councillors forever. This is how things operate in the real world. There are workers in Barnet today having their pay cut. In three years time if they get a 5% pay rise it will be based on their 'cut' pay. Their pay 'cut' won't suddenly be restored. It is permanent.

But no, the "Freer 'n' Twanky" (TM) ruse was hatched. Vote for the increase, get some flack, and then get the Councillors to forego the increase FOR ONE YEAR. When next year, when the heat has subsided and the Council elections are out of the way, they can remove this instruction and the pay 'cut' will be magically restored. Had the Councillors voted against the recommendations at the Council meeting they would have lost this years rise forever.

So we have Councillors suggesting that they have passed over a pay increase this year when in fact they have just deferred it until next year. Subtle point? Maybe but significant and, we think, calculated.

Off to see how WWII ends...

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