Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Questions to Our Great Listening Leader (OGLL)

17 March 2009 - update 2: Don'tCallmeDave got an answer to his question at this week's Hendon Residents' Forum. The answer revealed that Michael Whitney Freer himself banned half of all the comments that residents of Barnet - who pay his considerable wages and for his 'Leader Lectures' blog - put on his blog.

What has he got to hide in answering these questions? What scares him so much that he daren't even publish them? To coin a phrase, "Is he frit?"

Update: One day on, no sign of the questions.....

Statler and I have received an email from one of our many kind correspondents. She pointed out that Councillor Michael Whitney Freer is answering questions from all comers at his new website (much to Councillor Coleman's consternation). We have asked 5 questions, see them below. Will OGLL ban them?


  1. Gentlemen

    Two blogs in one day? I admire your stamina but am concerned that perhaps your Ovaltine has been spiked.

    Your questions to the Commander-in-Chief are admirable, but do you not realise it will cost £150 for each of them to be answered. Money that could be better spent on a valet to help poor Leo pack his bags.

  2. I am sure our great resourceful Leader will be able to answer these questions off of the bat without further expense.

    It is only those pesky FOI requests that yourself and that other question mastering scoundrel, Mr Hope, make that cost us our hard earned Council Tax.

  3. Gentlemen,

    In a council meeting recently Mr Freer announced that my question was "Unsuitable" for answering.

    I'm sure that your avid army of followers will thoroughly agree with him. Judge for yourself. Here it is
    Hello Mike,

    Nice to see you've got your very own blog. Just out of interest, would you be so kind as to tell us all what you think of Barnet Council posting a clip on YouTube where the following statement is made about Barnet.

    I know it's mainly a Jewish area so a lot of the Jewish people have got things, but for the normal British people...there is nothing really for them.

    Now I personally was rather alarmed that the council should be posting far right views on the internet. I found this remark rather inflammatory and thought it could help stir up anti semitism. Do you think that this comment portrays the residents of Barnet in a good light? Do you think that the Council staff posting on YouTube should be properly trained to identify such messages as inflamamtory and not post them?

    Will you, as leader, personally be investigating how such a clip could be left, to ensure no such thing happens again.

    Anyway good luck with the new blog. As I now have much time on my hands, I'll be following it avidly. Do you have a fan club?

  4. Mr RogT have you thought to enquire as to who polices the code for his blog that OGL (Our Great Leader) announced would be operated in a similar way to the BBC.

    Surely that code cannot be operated by OGL himself as a Council blog. This isn't some private play thing, this is Council taxpayers money.

  5. No I hadn't thought of asking, but I certainly will now. A splendid suggestion gentlemen.

  6. Gentlemen,

    I too have posted another comment Lets see if this ever gets moderated?

    I thought I'd give Councillor Freer some helpful advice on how to act for the Video camera. If you don't see it there, here it is

    Rog T

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Mike, can I suggest that when you are making video’s you refrain from fiddling with your pen. It is rather distracting and offputting.