Sunday, March 1, 2009

Groveling Apology

Statler and I wish to make a groveling apology. One of our correspondents has pointed out that we got our sums wrong in our previous post about Councillors' Allowances. We have conducted a full internal review and have discovered that our abacus has a bead missing. We wish to fully apologise to those Councillors we listed and correct the figures in the tables below.

We had stated this would be the position should the Council vote for it on Tuesday:

Councillor_____________2008/9_____ 2009/10__%age
Maureen Braun_________£19,470______£22,382__15%
Mike Freer ___________£51,109_______£53,782__5%
Lynne Hillan__________£34,559_______£38,692__12%
John Marshall_________£19,470_______£22,143__14%
Robert Rams__________£13,629_______£15,815__16%
Andreas Tambourides____£23,364______£27,984__20%
Joanna Tambourides_____£16,063______£18,249__14%
Daniel Thomas_________£13,629______£15,815__16%

This is incorrect, we underestimated. The position should actually be:

Councillor_____________2008/9_____ 2009/10__%age
Maureen Braun_________£19,470______£22,442__15%
Mike Freer ___________£51,109_______£54,857__7%
Lynne Hillan__________£34,559_______£39,397__14%
John Marshall_________£19,470_______£22,442__15%
Robert Rams__________£13,629_______£15,958__17%
Andreas Tambourides____£23,364______£28,426__22%
Joanna Tambourides_____£16,063______£18,452__17%
Daniel Thomas_________£13,629______£15,958__17%

We know that underestimating the size of their raise will have deflated the egos of a few on that list especially the Fiftygrandbourides family and wholeheartedly apologise.

So who will let us know. Did the Conservative Group vote this through on Thursday? Will any of the take the principled stance and vote for this at Council? Will any refuse to accept the increase if it is forced through? Do let us know.


Off to bed.

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