Thursday, March 12, 2009

After picking the pockets of Barnet taxpayers to fund his massive pay increase, Fagin-bourides says "I'm reviewing the situation"

The Barnet Times and Barnet Press have finally caught up with our story on Councillor expenses we first reported on 23 February. Statler and I reported the biggest person to gain was Councillor Thirtygrandbourides A. Fagin-bourides, this was the man who put his hand in the air to vote himself a 20%+ increase in pay moments after voting to force up Council Tax in Barnet by one of the highest hikes in London.

As Dickens rightly pointed out, money doesn't grow on trees you got to pick a Barnet pocket or two (hundred thousand) !

To give OGL credit, when Michael Whitney Freer discovered he could forgo the increase he publicly announced he would do so.

Having had considerable time to think about this matter, when Fagin-bourides was contacted by the Press and the Times he refused to confirm that he would follow the principle stance Freer had take. He could well be content to stuff his pockets with cash from people struggling to makes ends meet. (Let us remember, people will be sent to prison to pay this part of the Council take to pay for his increase.)

Apparently there is still time to change his mind as he still 'reviewing the situation'. Help him make his mind up. Here are his contact details from the Council's website:

Councillor A Tambourides,
47 Hampden Way,
N14 5DJ

020 8368 5417

P.S. Doesn't looking at that face prove the adage that money doesn't make you happy?


  1. I dunno, I think he looks like Sid James. That makes me happy !

  2. Our dear Roger,

    We think he will look very much like Sid James *when* his new fat pay cheque arrives...