Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Which Councillors will face the chop in Hillan's new wheeze : compulsory deselections?

Statler and I have been reliably informed that Lynne Hillan's 'off the cuff' comment in her interview to the Press about some 'national initiative' on reducing Councillor numbers
...There is a national scheme looking at whether it should be three councillors per ward or maybe it should be two, that would shrink the pot immediately.
is being worked up now. Increasingly confident of victory against young padawan, Mark Shooter, contacts have apparently already been made with the Boundary Commission for England.

We understand Ms Hillan / Howard plans to move fast to reassert her crumbling authority as soon as the Annual Group Meeting is over. The Council has received very positive mood music from the Boundary Commission and, apparently, this move could be expedited as parliament is also moving fast with parliamentary boundary changes. Two Councillors per ward would be in place for 2014 with 'compulsory deselections', here are our predictions for those who Hillan would force out using this new wheeze.

Brunswick Park : Lisa Rutter (easy guess this one!)
East Barnet : Barry Evangeli (despite brown nosing Ms Hillan, his ward colleagues would win out)
Edgware : Darrel Yawitch (Statler and I predict in this one it will be last in first out!)
Finchley Church End : Graham Old (Eva Greenspan and Dan Thomas have too strong a following)
Hale : Tom 'Boombastic' Davey (Hugh Rayner has played both sides well and will be safe and Brian Gordon has too deep roots to budge him)
Hendon : Mark Shooter (Maureen Braun is a rock solid Hillanite and Anthony Finn is well established. Hillan will teach Shooter a lesson for daring to take her on)
High Barnet : David Longstaff (The Two Fat Ladies (TM) will not be for moving)
Mill Hill : Brian Schama (just for having the temerity to challenge one of the Fat Ladies (TM))
Oakleigh : Brian Salinger (Hillan's victory over her old adversary would be complete)
Totteridge : Brian Coleman (Lord and Lady Cornelius are simply too well entrenched there. It would suit Hillan to be rid of Coleman now he had outlived his usefulness. The truth is he already knows this...

So there are our predictions. You will know if we are right in 18 months, not too long to wait. What do you think? Comment below.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere to you both.

    I never thought I would be supportive of Hillan, but if what you say about Totteridge is correct....

    My fingers have never been so crossed.

  2. You have put Mr Toad in a spot: "Your enemy's enemy is your friend".

    However, to be realistic, two councillors would be a hard battle for Lynne to achieve.

    There is an amusing picture of Lynne, mentioned on Mr Toad's site in a comment.

  3. Guys, you need to correct the spelling in your blog name: heck[l]ing.

    Best wishes,