Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Conservative Party in Barnet in disarray

One of the factors for Waldorf and I return to our weblogging adventures has been the distress and anger that many of our dear lady friends in Chipping Barnet Conservatives. We have been flooded with telegrams and even the odd call on our telephone. It seems that the backbone of Conservative life in Barnet, the Conservative Womens' Committee are up in arms.

They are up in arms over the greed of the Leader and Cabinet in Barnet and also at the shocking lack of leadership shown by Theresa Villiers MP. Waldorf and I have seen the most frightfully cross correspondance. The recent uturn from Mrs Hillan/Howard on the issue of allowances following our return to the interwebs has been met with hostility. It is not seen as genuine and a last gasp to hold on to her job.

One very prominent lady in Chipping Barnet put it most forcefully,
It is far, far to late to be talking about tweaking the allowances now. We have had four weeks of dreadful headlines and national media coverage. The name of Barnet Conservatives is now dirt. It is going to take much firmer action to restore our fortunes.
Firstly that wretched woman, Hillan, must go and her hangers on Coleman, Harper et al must be sent to the backbenches. Secondly, we need some energetic firm leadership that will deliver in Barnet the policies that Conservatives voted for and are being advocated most excellently by Eric Pickles.
Now Waldorf and I are simple folk and nowhere near as partisan as our 'blue rinse' lady friend but her anger is widely felt. Conservative Councillors who are thinking about sticking with Mrs Hillan/Howard should think very hard as to how their members and future members will think.

P.S. Who is this Mark Shooter chap? Anyone care to let us know?


  1. Now don't you little rascals start making mischief.

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  2. "A BARNET councillor has vowed to continue with his bid to become leader of the council even though the incumbent, Lynne Hillan, has backtracked on a controversial plan to increase members' allowances.


  3. Well thank you most kindly baarnett. That makes some interesting reading. But that really doesn't show us too much about this chap! Statler and I are going to have to try and find out a bit more over the next few weeks. Some seem very exited about Councillor Shooter, but we don't know why yet.

    With fuzzy hugs,


  4. Greetings, gentlemen: if the Tory ladies of Barnet have been moved to such levels of fury, there is no hope for Hillan and her chums, is there? The Tory party in Barnet cannot function without all those lovely fund raising events that Mrs Angry looks on with such interest on their website: candlelit suppers, garden parties, lunches ... if the ladies dig their heels in and withdraw their scones and cheese dips, it's all over.