Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank you to Mr Roger Tichbourne

Statler and I are most grateful to Mr Roger Tichbourne. He has written a nice little article which has spotted our return from exile. For those of you with unrestricted interweb access the piece can be read here.

Back from our break, we have noticed that Mr Tichbourne has been blogging an awful lot of late and we are concerned for his stress levels. We hope that as soon as he can he will take a well earned holiday! Of course as a dedicated blogger we know that right now would be an unthinkable time to leave Barnet, with everything else going, on so we rest assured that he will spend as much of the next few weeks as possible breathing in the fresh Mill Hill air and enjoying the views.

With low interest rates and our savings much depleted, the nearest thing we get to luxury these days, is Sainsbury's value sherry and Countdown followed by Deal or No Deal.

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