Monday, November 10, 2008

Official: History ended in 1984

Update: So ... Who knows why history ended in 1984?

Waldorf and I are baffled.

GDfB are doing a nice thing. They are making an Veteran's Avenue of Lime Trees in Hendon Park. Waldorf served in the American War of Independence Crimean War and is disappointed that conflict is not in the list.
  • Palestine 1945-1948, Malaya 1948-1960, Korea 1950-1953, Cyprus 1955-1959
  • Aden 1955-1967, Radfan 1955-1967, Suez 1956, Borneo 1962-1966
  • Northern Ireland 1969, Oman Dhofar 1969-1976, Falklands 1982
We're baffled that the GDfB has decided that history ended on 31 December 1984. Presumably those who died in action in serving this great countries interests, including in Iraq, Bosnia, etc., are too modern.

We can't work out what the significance of 31 December 1984? Comments please.


  1. Maybe the fact history ended in 1984 is a covert acknowledgement that we are living in the Society George Orwell predicted in his book. A big brother society, where council's spy on residents, CCTV cameras are placed on every corner, Council websites pump out "good news broadcasts" of rigged news, small cliques of insiders make decisions behind closed doors, ruling cliques plot, scheme, chanage allegiances so one day you are council leader, next you are a nobody, airbrushed from history.

    Then again they may just be too stupid to even read the papers and know about the conflicts you mention.