Friday, November 7, 2008

Coleman lambasts Freer as a twit!

UPDATE: Statler and I have decided to follow OGLL (Our Great Listening Leader) and have got our own Twitter page.

In an extraordinary outburst our dear friend Cllr Brian Coleman has launched a full on attack on Michael Whitney Freer as a 'twit'.

Cllr Freer has just launched a new web service here. Just a day later in his column in the Barnet Press, Brian Coleman slams him,
"..Twitter (presumably a site for twits).

In my view, politicians should concentrate less on Facebook and more on face-to-face contact and leave twittering to those late night debates at Westminster"
How long till he gets the sack, Waldorf and I wonder....?
RogT has a very good weblog post on the whole article.


  1. Yes, in his latest article in The Barnet Press, Brian Coleman yet again proves he is a giant among men. It is truly beyond me how the rest of the Tory Councillors are not so bedazzled by his brilliance that they can continue to do their job so well.

    I think it is a true testament to Michael Whitney Freer that he can still do such a fine job ensuring that Barnet Council runs like a well oiled machine, whilst sitting in Coleman's awesome presence.

    A lesser man such as you and I would truly crack and start making silly mistakes such as mislaying £27.4 Million in dodgy Icelandic banks, not noticing all our top Council officials installing Freerview and tellies in their offices (it's for conferences, honest guv), placing Nazi propaganda videos on YouTube and putting all of the Council adverts on the Brothel ad's page in the local paper.

    In the words of that other great political thinker of the 21st Century George "mieow" Galloway
    'Michael Whitney Freer, I salute you!'

  2. Well, Brian ain't 'Brain'. That's for sure!

    The latest rumour over at:
    - suggests that he'd like to sack all firefighters with over fifteen years of service.

    Clever fellow.