Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coleman the 'blood stained' hypocrite?

Waldorf and I are listening to Radio 4 as I type. We're listening to "The Saturday Play - Cry Hungary". We both remember the Hungarian uprising and were moved and upset then. As I listened to the play and, especially, heard about them trying to gain control of the radio station, Brian Coleman's various comments over recent months came together in our minds.

I started to think quite how the people of Tibet would feel about Coleman effectively demanding that blogs should only be allowed at the behest of the State? That they should be crushed as they, as Coleman believes, "Undermine the political system"?

Coleman is it not pretty sickening that you seek publicity supporting those suffering under oppression whilst simultaneously stripping from their hands the only tools they have to gain their precious liberty?


  1. Whilst Hungary may remind you of Coleman, the word hungry certaily wouldn't !!!

    I've just listed his free dinners for the last year on my blog.

  2. Those who can - hold our politicians to account.

    Sterling work as ever sirs.

    Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go!: