Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iain Dale socks it to 'supine' Tory Councillors

Our dear friend and fellow weblogger, Iain Dale, has socked it to so many of the Tory Councillors, who behave similarly to the ones we see in GDfB, in wonderfully trenchant article.
"Two blogposts from Taking Liberties and Donal Blaney worry me. Both have examples of Conservative councils indulging in what can only be described as very unConservative like behaviour.

TalkSport's Jon Gaunt has been suspended by the radio station after he called a Redbridge Conservative councillor a "Nazi" for introducing a policy of banning parents who smoke from fostering children.

And Tory controlled Guildford Council has told the owners of burger vans that unless they provide healthy foods rather than burgers and kebabs, their licenses to trade will be withdrawn.

I'm not going to rant on about it all being political correctness gone mad (although it is). What it demonstrates is that these councils are presided over by weak politicians who have little control over their officers. It's about time they learned what the word Conservative actually means."
Statler and I agree with him 100%.

[Statler nicks the keyboard from calm patient Waldorf] Iain is speaking up for so many Conservatives who are just sick and tired of remote and unaccountable 'Conservative' Councillors who are getting elected and forgetting which party they are supposed to represent.

[Waldorf snatches keyboard back and plies Statler with sherry] Well said Iain (and Statler)

P.S. Click on link above to see full post with links to mentioned articles.


  1. Gentlemen

    Someone called Roman posted the following comment on young Mr Dale's blog:

    It is unfortunately true that Tory councillors can be just as short-sighted and sometimes even downright stupid as those from any other Party. Associations allow the inept, the incapable and the past-their-sell-by-dates to remain in position because they are afraid to open their mouths and criticize.

    Would either of you care to respond?

  2. "Associations allow the inept, the incapable and the past-their-sell-by-dates to remain in position because they are afraid to open their mouths and criticize."

    We're not sure that that statement fairly sums up the situation, frankly. We think it would read better as:

    "Associations, led by senior Councillors, actively seek out and promote the inept, the incapable and the past-their-sell-by-dates to ensure they keep their well paid jobs as these numbskulls are afraid / unable to open their mouths and criticize."

    What do you think Dave...? Ooops we forgot we shouldn't call you dave.

  3. Barnet Council, like the Brown Govt is one of all of the talents.

    The more I read about them, the more I realise what a fine bunch of individuals they are. Personal qualities which 40 years ago would have got you blackballed at the golf club, never mind the council, get you to the top in Barnet.

    I think it is fantastic that generous allowances are paid to such people, as surely they would struggle to find employment anywhere else.

    As to the Icelandic Bank investments, surely people realise what a beneficial impact these funds had on the playing staff at West Ham.

  4. Dear Sir,

    To coin a phrase, this employment creation scheme seems to be a 'hand out AND a hand up.


  5. I suppose that makes a difference from your previous story about how to get a £1 Million mansion in Edgware at the taxpayers expense. A leg-over and a leg up !!!!

    Barnet's got talent

  6. Gentlemen

    All I can say is that I fondly remember the meeting when Messrs Coleman and Salinger were completely united in their belief that members of the association alone should choose the candidates. Any suggestion that members of the Cabinet are now trying to change the system so that the councillors themselves decide who can stand for council is, I am sure, utterly baseless. Councillors in Chipping Barnet are not allowed to have any say whatsoever in the selection process as I am sure they will themselves happily confirm. There will be no repeat of Hendon in Chipping Barnet under the excellent stewardship of the current Chairperson.

  7. Well if Dr Coleman and Professor Salinger are united, then it must be a spanking good idea! Those boys REALLY know what they are talking about !