Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Melvin "I have the Power" Cohen

It is reported to this blog from an unnamed Councillor, that Cabinet member for Planning, and other bits and bobs, Melvin Cohen launched into a shouting rage of an outburst at the meeting of the Greener, Cleaner Scrutiny Committee last night (24 April 2007).

He was faced with a bit of a bumpy ride from some tough speeches from powerful local residents and environment groups. Following this Labour Councillors supported by the Conservative Chair of the Committee decided that they would review the item of discussion in a years time.

As this was being discussed Melvin Cohen interrupted the Committee's deliberations shouting out words very close to, "You can do what you like. Scrutiny has no power. I will ignore you. I HAVE THE POWER". Jaws dropped around the room...

Gosh. This really shows how things have changed since the good old days. The power of this old Cabinet system has really gone to this old boys head.

Let's see if the old boy, gets the boot from Chief Honcho Michael Whitney Freer? Or will he keep him in post and give him a pat on the back for good work?


  1. Anon has heard that a.n.other cabinet member has behaved like this.

    Could S & W give a prize to the first person who identifies the naughty councillor?

  2. Statler and Waldorf would most certainly award such a prize. Please email us with the details!

    With fuzzy hugs,

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