Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chipping Barnet's Conservatives Auditor in a spot of bother :(

We've received a telegram suggesting some awkwardness down at Tory HQ in Chipping Barnet. All sounds frightfully odd and untoward but we're sure there's nothing to it.

Some old bean, Michael Vearncombe is named in the year book as the auditor for Chipping Barnet Tories and has been, so we are told, for a few years. We are told, he became auditor during the time that his partner (now Tory agent for Kensington and Chelsea) worked for Chipping Barnet Tory Supremo Stephen Payne. What a jolly co-incidence.

A dose of bad luck has struck Mr Vearncombe however. He had become a Councillor for Westminster Council but has suddenly resigned for 'personal reasons'. This followed the reports of him being investigated for an alleged £120,000 fraud by the CID. A by election will be held on May 3 2007. We were very sorry to hear this news - link to West End Extra news article.

A little bird whispered to us, on a completely unrelated note, that neither set of the most recent accounts seem to have been signed off or independently verified by an auditor / accountant.

Chipping Barnet Tories 2005 Accounts
Chipping Barnet Tories 2006 Accounts

We are sure that Tory Supremo Mr Stephen Payne, or his boss, Councillor Lyn Hillan will email us if we've heard that wrong.

The local 'news'papers seem to have missed this story too. Gosh they must be too tied up with their property adverts!

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