Thursday, April 26, 2007

Conservatives round on poor old Brian Coleman

Seems old Councillor Brian 'all publicity is good publicity' Coleman is under attack from Conservatives again. In an article in the New Statesman, former Prime Minister, Edward Heath is accused by Councillor Coleman of engaging in gay sex in public places.

The New Statesman have, no doubt, done their research before asking Councillor Coleman to write this piece. One can only assume they regard him something of an expert in this field matter.

Councillor Coleman seems to have stirred up a huge row amongst Conservative activists on the very popular blog. See here. Oh well, we'll sure the Councillor Coleman AM will not be deselected recover from this event.

P.S. Why, oh why, oh why does Mr Coleman have to be quite so 'in your face' - as the youngsters say. Are we so old and stuffy that we are offended by the your end to the article, "Oh, and before you ask, yes I am and I am open to offers.". We're old fashioned enough to think that public figures, hetrosexual, gay or lesbian - male or female, shouldn't be flaunting themselves like that. Surely there are other places to seek companionship than the New Statesman?

Edit: More at Barnet Times

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