Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A very Merry Christmas from Statler and Waldorf

Waldorf and I are huge fans of Les Miserables. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the opening night at the Barbican Theatre, back in 1985, and have been addicted ever since. As a free gift to all of our loyal readers we give you one of our favourite scenes (first 40 seconds is introduction).

UPDATE: Waldorf and I have been unindated with emails from readers guffawing with laughter watching the clip imagining Monsieur Thenardier as Brian Coleman or Andreas Tambourides and Madame Thenardier as Lynne Hillan or Joanna Tambourides. Waldorf and I can only condemn such wicked thoughts in the minds of our readers. Really.

We can only pass on the top comment from the YouTube page:

"The Thernadiers are scum....but damn, you gotta love em!!"

Now who could possibly say that of any of our Barnet politicians?


  1. Merry Christmas boys: now do take care if you go out in the bleak midwinter snow, and make sure you are well armed with woolly hats and thermos flasks, won't you? Of course there is a danger you might be mistaken for swivel eyed trots, so don't linger near any council buildings, in case they think you are flying pickets!
    Waiting under the mistletoe with puckered lips,X
    Mrs Angry

  2. Dear Mrs Angry,

    We shall heed your advice well. It is important for us oldie's (oops a Barnet Council unwanted apostrophe slipped in then) to keep warm.

    Kisses under the mistletoe will be very nice, as long as you promise 'no tongues'.

    With fuzzy hugs,


  3. After some intense discussion, it has been decided that it would be allowable, jut this once, for you give Waldorf's bum a gentle pinch under the mistletoe.

    With festive fuzzy hugs,


  4. The sleepers awake! Your public adore you, gentlemen (perhaps not in the full-blooded way of Mrs Angry) so why not grace the screens of us Barnet fans more often, with your words of wisdom?