Monday, September 20, 2010

A moment of silence please

Statler and I have been informed that our erstwhile colleague of many years, Mr Brian Reynolds, has been pushed out by Nick Walkley and his stormtroopers decided to move on to other opportunities which coincided with Mr Walkley restructuring his top team.

We wish the clapped out old wooly hatted, thermos carrying commie great man, with a wealth of experience in local government and a staunch reputation for political neutrality, all the best in his staring out of the window from his front room future endeavours.

Those with an interest in these matters can read about the restructure what the Council thinks you should be allowed to see here.

Statler and I have posted an excerpt from the minutes above showing how far Barnet Council is truly embracing the coalition goverment's approach to transparency.


  1. Aha ... could you introduce me to 'woolly hatted, thermos flask carrying' Brian Reynolds: sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it, 'gentlemen'?

  2. Well it was Waldorf's idea to throw that in, at the second draft. I can't be bothered reading all these mad bonkers comments but he's all into that kind of thing.

    He thought you would find the cross reference from Roger Tichbourne's blog amusing, I am afraid that it went straight over my head.

    However, as we are really most old fashioned folk here, matchmaking you, a married 'lady' of such stature would be against our strict moral code.

    With fuzzy hugs,


  3. how do you know that I am not a merry widow/prowling cougar, boys? Are you single, btw, or do you bat for the other side?

  4. Don't get distracted by Mrs A. gentlemen.

    With your obvious good connections, just keep the flipping posts coming, instead of going quiet again, will you please?

  5. Gentlemen,

    Your clock on your compuating device is eight hours slow.

    Oddly enough, it is the same on 'Broken Barnet'.

    'Ere, there's nothing going on there, is there?

  6. maybe we are the same person ... or we live together in a commune in San Francisco, or perhaps we are just all incompetent bloggers ...