Thursday, August 2, 2007

Brian Coleman jumps feet first into JCoSS debate

GDfB Cabinet Member for Contraversy, 'Ponsing About' and Publicity, Councillor Brian Coleman, has written a strident piece in favour of the contraversial JCoSS planning application that is to be decided in the next week.

Waldorf wondered, has he really accused many of the objectors of the scheme of straight out anti-semitism and others as idiots? Or is there another way to interpret his remarks?

Highlights include:
This is a rehash of the arguments over the Sternberg Centre site where many objectors said they did not oppose the new facilities for the site but wanted to preserve the second rate Victorian Billiard Room or the allegedly historical boundary wall; many of these objections were of course a cover for a much deeper and more unpleasant opposition...
...Likewise in East Barnet. One resident objects because neighbouring Livingstone Primary School will become a terrorist target: why do these idiots not recognise that in the present climate you are at more risk on the London Underground than visiting Jewish premises?A recent blog entry suggests that opponents to this scheme can now understand how the Palestinian residents of Gaza feel: well this over the top comment probably does more than anything else to reveal the true motives of the hard core opponents.
...Throw into this heady mix that the main organiser of the Opposition is an employee of Friends of the Earth with his own “political “agenda and you can see why so many Barnet residents have been hoodwinked into signing a petition...

It's all good swashbuckling stuff. Great to see that the taxpayers are seeing action from one of London's highest paid elected Officials.

Dickinson's Real Deal is on, so.. we're off.

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