Monday, July 23, 2007

UPDATE: Barnet Councillors to "Save London's Water"

Update 23 July: No reply received yet.

Update: It has been two days since emails were sent to the T's and Three Valley's Water asking for details of the campaign the T's are 'leading in London'. No acknowledgment or reply received yet.

We'll show you naysayers that these aren't people saying anything for free publicity. Off for a sip of port.

Original posting: Waldorf and I have received a telegram with an audacious claim from two of Barnet's lesser known Councillors, Count A. Tambourides and his wife Countess J. Tambourides. They have both pushed out a press release to London Greek News,
Councillors Andreas and Joanna Tambourides are leading a campaign in London to preserve the capitals water reserves in association with Three Valleys Water who recently launched a magazine 'Summer Fun' in association with 15 other water companies aiming to educate the public on water preservation. Andreas Tambourides a leading member of the Conservative group in Barnet Council and former Mayor Barnet has aligned himself with one of the most important issues facing the capital, ie water supply and by doing this emphasising Barnet's commitment to the preservation of the environment."
We felt that this was a very fraternal endeavour. We wanted find out more about the campaign. Waldorf went and checked with Three Valleys Water. It seems the silly water company don't yet know about the Count and Countess running this initiative. How frightfully rude of them to ignore their London wide campaign?

The only mention that the Count and Countess get is a press release from 2005 where there are pictured with smiley, cheesy grins accepting a £350 donation. Read here.

Waldorf and I have deleted comments and cast aside suggestions that the Count and Countess are publicity hungry, expense grabbing scoundrels and have claimed success for a campaign that doesn't exist. Such comments are naughty and scandalous. How could any GDfB Councillor claim credit for something they weren't actually doing just to get free newspaper coverage?

We will prove these naysayers wrong so will be checking up on a weekly basis on the Count and Countess and reporting to you the hard work they have been to doing to "Save London's Water".

Waldorf is off shortly to the Count and Countess' home to take a picture of their water meter (he thinks they surely would have one if they are such environmentalists).


  1. remember, mrs t stood for election in e.barnet with no policies and no interest in the ward itself. even after winning she said she had no particular matters which she wanted to look into. so that's 10k of tax payers' money well spent this year.

  2. Is Count A. Tambourides barnet's own Al Gore?

  3. No, Count A. Tambourides is Barnet's version of Borat. Except Borat is a little bit more sophisticated.

    Concerned of Barnet

  4. Oh and of course Borat was a real journalist not a 'news reader' (who got the chop)

    Concerned of Barnet